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Born in 1983 in the south of Thailand, Ya Chelama has been fascinated by the art of painting since his early childhood.  He would spend hours, even days, passionately watching his artist father paint and later also his 10 year older brother, Rozi Chelama who is a very well known artist.  But the family decided he should not become an artist and he graduated with a degree in psychology!

Not happy to spend his life as a psychologist, Ya decided to pursue his dream by studying art for a further 4 years in Taksin University with the famous Thaï painter Chairat Sangthong.

Without any preconceptions, he soon found his own path, mixing figurative subjects and symbolism in his tireless exploration. Seeking a way to express his emotions and his feelings, he managed to free himself from figurative art and turned towards contemporary surrealist and abstract painting. The latter approach allowed him to express his deepest feelings. Inspired by the greatest painters in that field and his attraction to the vibrations of colors and the onirism of abstraction. As a result, his technique focused on color, texture, palette knives and brushes. He likes to use large quantities of oil to give his paintings a 3 dimensional effect. Sometimes they have to dry for some months before they can even be transported!

He loves telling stories centering on female figures and animals. His paintings are charged with positive energy associated with elegance which, according to his admirers, is the word that best describes his art. His universe is well defined, a surrealistic world with always room for dreams, the absurd and the unknown. In such a world, everything becomes possible, happy, joyful: Human! Ya is an artist with a new vision and his own sensitivity: His art comes from the heart. We can read in his eye a willingness to seek the world and turn it into dreamful colors, to be bewitched and fascinated by human Nature's emotions, to take whatever life is willing to offer. Thanks to his smile and joy, he is a perfect embodiment of his country, Thailand.

Ya works regularly with interior designers and he is currently represented in permanent exhibitions in several galleries in Thailand and abroad.

Masterpieces Gallery in Kerikeri represent Ya exclusively in New Zealand.

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