Have you ever thought of having a simple photograph transformed into a work of art? There is nothing more beautiful than turning that special picture you've made into an oil painting.

Portraits of your children and loved ones can be done in 3 standard sizes with one or more people on. Take a look at the quality I am showing you here and see for yourself how good they are and at the very best price I am sure being offered in the whole of New Zealand.

The three standard sizes we offer are:

        300mm x 400mm for NZ$ 280
        400mm x 500mm for NZ$ 350
        500mm x 600mm for NZ$ 420

These prices are for one person only. Should you wish a portrait with 2 people this is possible at an extra cost of NZ$ 100 (minimum size 400mm x 500mm)

The background will be held neutral so that the focus concentrates on the face. We can accommodate any special requests just send a mail to info@masterpieces.co.nz and ask for a quote.

We also do beautiful pencil/charcoal portraits in 2 standard sizes:

        580mm x 610mm for NZ$ 400
        610mm x 760mm for NZ$ 460

Once again, the prices are for one person only and the second person on the same drawing costs NZ$ 100 extra.

We can have your children, parents, grandparents, dog, cat or horse painted or drawn for you. Also of course any combination is possible just ask us!

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