Nop (Noprathep)

Nop Biography...

Nop's full name is Nopprateep Musigapher. He has been working as a fulltime professional artist since 1997 after he graduated from art college in Surat Thani.

5 years later he opened his own art studio, The Nop Art Gallery together with his brother Asyt Hongsawat on the island of Phuket in South Thailand.

Initially he only painted in the Thai traditional style with Buddha and elephant paintings becoming his specialities. In the meantime he has become more adventurous and is working now more and more as a western oriented contemporary artist.

He has discovered that by using vibrant colours and strong textures in his works that now fascinating modern abstract paintings are the result. His continuing work on the traditional Buddha and elephant paintings. has also advanced with him now using a mixture of techniques to create an appealing three dimensional effect.

Within Thailand his paintings have proven to be very popular and he sells his paintings to many of the Thai art galleries as well as to visitors to Thailand from all over the world.




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