Kiri Clark

Kiri Clark Bio

Kiri is a self-taught artist, who has a passion for Maori Design. Kiri is from Northland, but was brought up in Te Puna Tauranga.    

Kiri developed her talent at a young age and was encouraged to pursue her passion.

She has been inspired by a number of artists, but especially her uncle, Ralph Hotere, who is an international renowned artist. Sadly he passed away 2013 aged 81. This has made Kiri’s passion for painting stronger and she hopes to carry on her uncle’s legacy.

She uses acrylic paint, bright colours and adds different materials to give her paintings texture.

Her paintings have been purchased and sent to Germany, Hawaii, Australia and England. Her paintings have been in a number of exhibitions and also a solo exhibition, which had a lot of interest. She has also designed a few logos and motifs for different events and companies, she has also been asked to design a number of ta moko tattoos.

Kiri hopes to inspire other artist to follow their dreams.





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