Tom Pugh

About Tom....

Tom Pugh was born 19/3/68
Tom has taken many courses in painting and life drawing at several London art schools including Chelsea and Camberwell.
He was not very impressed with how art was being taught in those establishments. He found too much emphasis on theory and the conceptual and not enough emphasis on that old idea : creating beautiful work.
"Beauty: That which pleases in contemplation"
It was by chance on holiday in the Czech Republic that he found the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in 2003. It was their end of year Degree Show and the entire building was open to visitors. He was so impressed by the standard of work, particularly the figure drawing, that he immediately applied to study there and the following year was accepted. It was there that he found the instruction and help he needed. Although Tom never learnt any Czech this wasn't a problem.  "Art has it's own language, most things can be demonstrated with a quick sketch. That's the great thing about art: It's no respecter of geographical or political boundaries."
Tom has been working solely as a professional artist for the last 5 years and his pieces can be found in homes all over the world..

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