About Paigey

Despite my artist name being Paigey-Leigh, my name is actually Paige Williams, with the "Leigh" coming from my middle name. I was born in New Zealand in 1997 and grew up in Auckland where I currently still reside. My interest in painting began with my Grandfather taking me to painting classes when I was a child. It wasn't until late highschool that I really began to take a deeper interest in painting.
Now I work in a small studio set-up painting all sorts of animals in strange and or unusual situations. I paint what interests me at the time, sometimes that means a peaceful setting and sometimes it means something quirky or weird. I feel it's important for the artist to create spontaneously and to do what they love.


The Artwork

Because I work primarily on wooden boards (Pro-Panels and Tempered Hardboard) I seal every painting with Multi-Purpose Acrylic Polymer to prevent any moisture damage prior to painting. After a painting is complete I then apply multiple layers of UV Resistant Sealant Spray to prevent discolouration caused by sunlight. If a painting is framed, they are framed with UV resistant glass.

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